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puzzle table library

puzzle table library

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Besides some DIY tables, there are also some more creative tables designed to meet the different needs of people around the globe. One of special needs to meet is the need of game. If you are included as the person who loves playing game, you may prefer taking puzzle table than taking the other designed tables. One of the most popular game tables is jigsaw table. And if you are looking for this unusual furniture, here are some options that you may take.

Best Examples of Puzzle Table

Many people, kids, young and adults, love playing jigsaw. This is surprising that they play this game in any places of the home. They can play in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and even bathroom. That’s why the size of this puzzle table should be proper. Some of them are designed in adjustable or foldable style to make it not take too much space. This is a good design and suitable for you if you also do not have more space to add this table. Here are some best jigsaw puzzle tables. The Jigtable is designed by Jigthings. It has flexible design with adjustable height from 27” to 33” and angle to meet your best comfort. The size of its table top is 24” by 16” with the base area 32” x 23”. This puzzle table can match with any armchair with up to 29” width. Then, it has laminated table top that enables you to do some more works such as writing and reading. Another example of puzzle table is the folding jigsaw puzzle table which is featured with drawers. It is perfect for any jigsaw enthusiast. This game table is made of premium wood which is covered with non slip material at the top. The top has measurement of 35” x 35”. This puzzle table with drawers, with its foldable design, is easy to store. The two drawers help the player keep the table look neat because some parts of the jigsaw game can be stored there before being set. The next puzzle table is in round shape design. This is designed by Bits and Pieces and called Jigsaw Spinner. It is actually not a table. It is a rounded board to play jigsaw and can be added on any table. This stuff is made from wood and hardwood. Designed with 34” diameter, it can hold 1000 piece puzzles which are up to 20” x 27”. Perfect swivel system is applied to make the player easily rotate or spin the board.