Things to Consider about a Handicap Toilet

Humans’ need towards a toilet is very obvious. You can say that it is almost impossible for you not to use a toilet in a day. That is why when you make a bathroom for your home, you should be aware to all details related to it. Well, it may not be hard for you to make a bathroom without special requirements. But, when it comes to a bathroom with a handicap toilet, you should be aware towards things for safety reasons.

Of course, when you are dealing with a handicap toilet, you could not generalize matters related to the toilet as if you are going to make a bathroom with ordinary toilet. The very first thing that should appear to your mind is that you should make it safe so that it will not harm its user. Talking about the safety of the toilet, it is necessary for you to equip your toilet with products which has been designed specifically for disabled users.

At this point, you should realize that the height of a toilet for a handicapped user can be really matter. Therefore, it seems a good idea for you to choose a raised toilet design as your handicap toilet. This will ease a disable user who has difficulties for standing up as well as sitting down when using the toilet. However, you should know the best height which is needed so that the toilet will not be too high or low.

Then if you think that a raised toilet is not enough to guarantee the safety of the user, you can actually add armrests which can be used as handgrips whenever the user is going to sit down and stand up. Subsequently, it is also important for you to complete your handicap toilet with some side walls grab bars at certain spots to minimize the possibility of falling down. Usually, people install two side wall grab bars in a certain length next to the toilet.

In addition, when you have a project of a toilet for a handicapped user, you should be considerate at the location of the toilet paper. To explain further, it is necessary for you to make it reachable. You should set a distance where the disabled user can reach the toilet paper easily without efforts. Last but not least, you need to make sure the floor around your handicap toilet is always dry so that it will not be slippery.


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