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The new way of running life is by having a stair lift. This furniture is different with the other different. People with the mobility issue will be very helped with this new way of walking. It is so different with the kind of any other supporting tools for the mobility issue people. It will be better than that actually. And the other advantage is that this great tool is also suitable for any stairs. The only thing is about the type. The stair lift is actually so nice. When people have mobility issue, they will need tool to help them go walking and move around. They need wheel chair. So then, they can go anywhere they like. When they want to go mall or department store, they still can do it. Or when they want to go upstairs, they still can do it because in the department store or mall there is elevator or lift. But it will be bad if they want to go to the second story in their house. People with mobility issue will be desperate to face steps. They will feel so bad when they have to go upstairs without any help. It is good if their arm is strong enough, but if it is not it will be a disaster. So then, they need a tool which can help them to go to upstairs without any help from other people. The very first and the very great solution to that problem is the stair lift. That is the reason why people can do anything they want even they have deficiency. The stair lift system is actually pretty simple. And the way it is used is actually pretty easy. People with wheel chair can do that actually. This stair lift helps the disable to move from one story to the other without stepping on the stairs. This lift employs kind of rail to help it moves up and down. It is equipped with chair joined to the rail. This chair comes with some kind of knob to helps the user operate the lift. Based on stair lift reviews, from so many features and type of the stair lift, there are only two kinds of main stair lift types. It is called straight and curved. This has different features. The straight stair lift is only for straight line. The curved one is for elaborate rail. It will go along the corners.