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raised toilet seat and frame

raised toilet seat and frame

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Toilet becomes a very important thing in a bathroom. You could select a lot of toilet brand in home depot with variety of different colors. Toilet should be comfortable to use. In toilet you usually spend 5 until 10 minutes sitting. But, you may think that your toilet is not really comfortable because the seating position when you use the toilet is lower than you expect. It could make your feet hurt or inconvenient while you use the toilet. Raised Toilet Seat is a good alternative to make your time using toilet become more comfortable.

Raised Toilet Seat Design

Raised Toilet Seat could make you feel more comfortable while using the toilet because you can raise the height of the toilet seat. Another benefit by installing this thing is you could decrease the distance when you have to sit down and stand up in the toilet. By using this toilet you could add additional height up to 4.25”. This toilet seat is easy to install because you just need to put it on the top of your toilet bowl. You will not get charge for installation cost while using this toilet seat. Raised Toilet Seat has some different models. One of the good models is Raised toilet seat with arms. While your leg can rest from flexing too much, your elbow and hand can rest also. The arms in the design could keep your hand stay comfortably in your body side. You will not let your hand hang in the air our laid in your leg for minutes when using the toilet instead it could rest and stay comfortably. The material used in the Raised Toilet Seat is hard material which is heavy duty constructed. It is made from polyethylene and could hold heavy body up to 300lbs. Raised toilet seat home hardware is easy to get. Visit your nearby home depot to buy this product. You could seat in this toilet seat secure and stable because the design are made with inner lip on underside. This product is not expensive yet could make your time I your toilet become more enjoyable. So, if you want to make your toilet feel more comfortable, you could install Raised Toilet Seat above your toilet bowl. This product could prevent your leg from flexing too much and you could sit comfortable for longer time in the toilet. Using this product will make your bathroom and also toilet become more convenient.