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over the toilet cabinet dark wood

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Our today’s discussion will be about bathroom. Don’t you think that it is an interesting topic? Yea, talking about bathroom will always be interesting and there are many things that we can explore. It has been known that there is much furniture that can be found in the bathroom including the toilet. Well, toilet also has many things around it including the toilet paper, paper holder, and also shelf. The last one is the focus of our topic today. Have you ever heard about over the toilet shelf? If you are not really familiar with it, let us talk more about it. Over the toilet shelf has not been quite familiar and it is rarely found in the bathroom. What kind of shelf is it? What is the function of the shelf itself? Then how much should you spend for bringing the toilet shelf home. Where can we find it? There are many questions that should be answered before you decide to purchase the over the toilet shelf unit. Over the toilet shelf is actually the storage solution in the bathroom or to be exactly around your toilet. It can be the place for placing your needs. What can be put there? Well, you can put your towels, tissue roll stocks, medicine stocks, bath supply like soap, and even you can put your picture frame here. By having this kind of toilet shelf, you can save more space in the bathroom. There are many designs and styles of the over the toilet shelf. They can be tall and wide. There is the unit which only looks like a metal frame and there is also the product which looks like the cabinet completed with the glass doors and even the drawer. Meanwhile for the main materials used for making the shelf are various. They can be made of stainless steel, nickel, wood also wood. Over the toilet wood comes in various woods. They can be made of cherry, walnut, mahogany, and so on. Meanwhile for the various colors provided can be white, brown or the natural color of wood, and also espresso. How can we find the over the toilet shelf? It is easy to find the over the toilet shelf. You can simply browse in the internet websites and find some trusted online furniture stores. There are many products completed with the details specifications. Then how much is the shelf? To get the shelf, you should only pay around $20. Don’t you think that it is quite affordable and logical due to its function as the space saver?