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narrow acrylic console table

narrow acrylic console table

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Have you ever felt difficult for having a small house or apartment? You might feel that decorating a narrow space or small room in your house could make your space looks smaller. Well, if you think smart, you don’t have to worry about the space that you have in your room because every room could be well decorated. You just have to find the right furniture to decorate your small space in your house. You also have to be selective on which item to put and which not. Having a narrow console table might be a good idea for you. When you have a narrow and long space in your living room, you can try to get this narrow console table. It’s perfect furniture to have for your small space yet a smart choice of furniture to decorate your living room. Moreover, this table could be very practical in use because you could display your personal stuff above the table or putting a classic mirror on the wall just above the table. Choosing the right table is also important because it could determine the concept in your living room, and choosing an antique narrow console table could be a good choice to have a vintage yet classic vibe.

How to Decorate Your Narrow Console Table

After choosing the right design of your narrow console table, you might wonder on how you would decorate your table. It cannot be simply a table in the corner of your room, it has to be standout and become the source of your guest’s compliment. The thing that you have to remember is that your table will display your personality, so it is up to you to display your personal things. Just remember not to forget the aesthetic elements of decorations. If you have a long narrow console table, you could try to put it behind your couch. A white color of narrow console table will suit your neutral or pastel furniture. You can put your personal things such as your journal, magazines, or even a small lamp for a decoration. For a perfect nature atmosphere you can even add a small vas of fresh flower. You can never underestimate symmetric decorations of this narrow console table. You have to remember that it’s better for you to add different texture and height of your personal items. Don’t make it too neat and perfect in height because the variety of items will add to its aesthetic.