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wine barrel table glass top

wine barrel table glass top

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Instead of throwing your wine barrel, it is good for you to make some uses of this old stuff. There are some new items that can be created from this barrel and one of them is wine barrel table. This unique furniture is also famous enough as famous as the reclaimed wood table. Considering the existence of natural resources, it is better to create some DIY products by reusing used things. If you are interested in creating wine barrel furniture, here are some ideas for you.

Creating Wine Barrel Table and Other Furniture

There are a lot of ideas of creating furniture from wine barrel. From this material, you can make a table, chair, shelf, rack, nightstand, etc. The idea of how to make a wine barrel table is actually simple. You need to cut the half of the barrel. You need to provide the legs to hold the convex part of the barrel. Then, for the cut part, you can add a glass to create a sleek top. Some other table top can be employed for the wine barrel table. It is based on your taste. You can also create some other pieces of wine barrel table. It will be simpler to create a coffee table, nightstand or side table. You need only cut apart of the barrel. Then, you can directly make it stand with the barrel opening at the top. For more interesting look, you can add decorative lines. You can also create certain leg forms by cutting the body of the table. Certain finishing can also be applied. You can only make this DIY furniture appear in glossy look or in certain colors. It is according to your home interior. To work with the wine barrel table, wine barrel chairs can also be created. To create an ottoman is as simple as creating side table. The barrel should be cut and let it stand with the opening on top. Tightly bind the barrel to make it strong enough to hold someone sitting on it. Some other creative seating units can also be created from wine barrel. You can cut a half of the barrel but still keep the openings. The openings are then functioned as armrest. Add simple wooden planks on the convex part to hold it. Then, employ a seat and back. They can be made from well structured wood planks. There are more creations that can be produced by using used wine barrel as the main furniture. Besides wine barrel table, you can also create planters, mirror frames, shelves, racks, pet houses, vanity, etc. In order to help you create them, the following pictures may inspire you. Find the most unique design and let us see what you will have.