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vintage round pedestal dining table

vintage round pedestal dining table

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There are a lot of dining tables that you can add to your dining room, but there are some reasons that make you take a decision of picking round pedestal dining table. The table looks simple with only single leg supporting. The rounded table top creates a special look. This table is identical with traditional dining room furnishing, indeed. However, there are also some of them which are designed in modern look. Besides round pedestal dining table, you must need some chairs. Mostly, this round dining table is accompanied with four chairs. Of course, the number of the chairs is based on the table size. The wider the diameter of the table requires more chairs to work together. Wood is the most frequently used material. For traditional furniture, wood is also easy to be carved. Designed in traditional style, pedestal table always shows off its sophisticated carving on the single leg that it has. Some of the round pedestal dining table shows its natural wood material. Some others are finished in certain color painting. Black and white round pedestal dining table is so interesting. Ivory white is also sometimes used for an elegant classic interior. To match this colored table, the chairs are also sometimes painted. They can be in pure black or white or can also be presented in different colors. Patterned chairs are also a nice idea to create an imposing statement.

Some Round Pedestal Dining Table Designs Options

As previously mentioned, most of round pedestal dining table is designed in traditional style. However, there are also a lot of pedestal tables designed in modern style. The difference is on the leg design. Traditional style strengthens the sophisticated carving on the leg while the modern style presents sleek design. For the table top, both of traditional and modern styles also require wood and glass material. In addition, modern style table sometimes show a glossy surface. A glossy light wood table top combined with white leg and chairs is one of the examples. Another interesting design is round pedestal dining table with leaf. This special round pedestal dining table is with table top additions. It is commonly in folded design. When extended table is needed, the leaf is set up. When it is not used, the leaf is folded down. Some others are in retractable design. By retracting the table top, you can adjust the table with ordinary and wider table top.