Adding Traditional Accents by Inviting Bistro Table Sets

It is sometimes not easy to match modern and traditional touches to create something surprising in your home interior and exterior. Indeed, combining modern architecture design with some traditional pieces of furniture may result a nice outcome. You can add a traditional fabric sofa in your living room with floor to ceiling window. What about […]

Overbed Table Offering More Benefits with Its Special Designs

Indeed, overbed table is basically designed for patients in hospital. With its special design, it becomes really helpful for the patients. Patients need to do something such as eating and writing. This table can be located next to their bed so that it is easy for them to do some things. This case inspires some […]

Reclaimed Wood Table Designs and How to Make It

Many home owners prefer having some pieces of wooden furniture than any other furniture made from the other materials. Wood presents an imposing aesthetic look. Besides that, this natural material also creates warm vibe and it makes the home feels so comfortable. One of the popular wooden furniture is the reclaimed wood table. Especially to […]

Inspiring DIY Wine Barrel Table and Some More Creations

Instead of throwing your wine barrel, it is good for you to make some uses of this old stuff. There are some new items that can be created from this barrel and one of them is wine barrel table. This unique furniture is also famous enough as famous as the reclaimed wood table. Considering the […]

Top Puzzle Table Designs Recommended to Jigsaw Enthusiasts

Besides some DIY tables, there are also some more creative tables designed to meet the different needs of people around the globe. One of special needs to meet is the need of game. If you are included as the person who loves playing game, you may prefer taking puzzle table than taking the other designed […]

Why You Should Add Metal Coffee Table in Your Living Room

Some materials can be used to create furniture. Especially for the coffee fabric, table, wood, metal and glass are categorized as the most popular materials. Coffee table can be manufactured by using a single material. However, it is generally more interesting when two different materials are collaborated. Metal coffee table is a perfect choice if […]

Completing Dining Room Furnishing with Round Pedestal Dining Table Set

There are a lot of dining tables that you can add to your dining room, but there are some reasons that make you take a decision of picking round pedestal dining table. The table looks simple with only single leg supporting. The rounded table top creates a special look. This table is identical with traditional […]

Half Moon Table for an Accent Tables

If you have a small corner or small space in your house and you would like to have some accent on it, you need to think on what kind of furniture you should put. There are many ideas on decorating your small space in your house and you have to be sure that each item […]

Marble Top Coffee Table to Give a Modern Look

For you who are craving for good table furniture in your living room to display to your guest, you might want to choose the point on your table. The trend of marble top coffee table could be one of your decorations in your living room. You have no objection of elegance, beauty, and modernity when […]

Round Glass Coffee Table for Simple and Neat Look

To create a clean and neat look in your living room, you have to choose certain furniture which represents the look of your room. When you have modern vibe with a pastel color couch and simple decorations you can add another edgy and sophisticated furniture. Round glass coffee table could be your details to be […]