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mirrored bathroom cabinet with lights

mirrored bathroom cabinet with lights

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When you come in deciding to complete your bathroom furnishing, you need to wisely select the best furniture. Especially for the bathroom storage, you can compare various designs and pick one of them. You can have whether the simple or decorative storage. One of the most recommended decorative storage is bathroom mirrored cabinet. It works nicely for the bathroom interior because they can directly match all the elements inside the bathroom and also all the available color tones. Generally, the cabinet is used for the vanity and additional wall cabinet.

Selecting Bathroom Mirrored Cabinet Designs

The ordinary bathroom mirrored cabinet is usually mounted above the vanity. It is usually in rectangular shape design. The mirror can totally or partly cover the wall cabinet. It will be based on the style. If combining some materials is necessary, wood and mirror is usually combined. On the other hand, current trend shows that the combination of mirror and glass is perfect. Inside the mirrored bathroom cabinet, there are some glass shelves. It will be more fantastic when the inner side of the cabinet is also mirrored. When more storage is needed, mirrored cabinet with extra shelves can be opted. The shelves can be added under the main cabinet or next to it. It will be a nice design if you need some open shelving unit to put some of your frequently used stuff. Or, it will be also a great idea to add and display more decorative items. Freestanding mirrored cabinet can be another choice. The function will be the same as extra wall mirror. Both of them offer more spaces to store things. Tall mirrored cabinet is one of the simplest designs in this concept. It can be positioned at the corner of the bathroom or nearby the bathtub. But if it takes more space, selecting the wall mirror is better. Wall mounted furniture always offer an alternative in keeping the room look larger. Wall cabinet is usually added next to the wall mirror above the vanity. However, if you already have mirror cabinet above the vanity, it can be mounted at the corner. The other mirrored cabinet is applied for vanity. Most of vanity designs are with storage. The storage can actually in open design. When you need neater look, closed vanity is better. It will be better if you have it with mirror cover. The mirror upgrades the look. Mirrored furniture is also a good choice if you have a small bathroom because it doubles the room by reflecting it.