All about the Toilet Flange You Should Know

Talking about toilet will always be interesting topic. The topic of toilet is not only interesting but also informative. How can we say that the information related to the toilet is informative? Yea, it has been known that toilet is the part of the bathroom which needs to be clean all the time. It must be hygiene because it gives effect to your health also. So, what is going to be discussed today? It will be about the toilet flange. What is it? Let us find the answer below.

What is toilet flange? Not many people know about it. It can be defined as the pipe fitting which is specifically the flange type which both mounts the toilet into floor and also connects your toilet drain to the pipe of drain. The typical of the closet flange usually is composed from PVC or ABS hub with the mounting flange made of round steel attached on the top. There are also other types of the flange. They are made of brass, copper, pure plastic, and also stainless steel. So, the choice depends on the personal taste.

The toilet flange also has many choices and colors. If we have talked about the material choices, now we are going to talk about the colors. Closet flange has many colors available. The common colors used are red, blue, yellow, and also white colors. The choices of the colors can be decorative element in your room.

The other thing that should be talked about the toilet flange is the toilet flange installation. In the typical installation of the flange, it is usually mounted on the floor top with its hub which is fused around the pipe or drain. For sealing a gap between the toilet bottom and also the flange, it is used thing namely wax ring. The toilet then is not bolted into the floor, not into the flange. Those are only little about the installation of the closet flange. If you need more information, you can try to browse in the internet websites.

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